NSS Camera Operator

Work with the NSS team as a camera operator for high school athletics!

  • BASIC FUNCTION: Serve as camera operator for selected PCSSD High School football games and select other sporting events. This position requires a thorough knowledge of football and general knowledge of other sports.



    • Serve as a camera operator at all home and away select PCSSD High School varsity football games and play-off games as required
    • Serve as a camera operator at other select PCSSD High School sporting events as required
    • Assemble, prepare, and set up equipment prior to events
    • Take direction from the producer and work alongside the production crew to assure the best quality production
    • Be prepared to innovate and experiment with ideas to find the best solution to technical and/or other practical problems that may arise during an event
    • Ability to work in fast-paced environments with precision timing
    • Take sole responsibility in situations where only one camera operator is needed
    • Flexibility to perform other production duties as assigned
    • Maintain production equipment



    •  Sound theoretical, practical, and technical knowledge of cameras
    •  Exhibit professionalism in all situations with tact and diplomacy
    •  Strong interpersonal and communication skills
    •  Valid driver’s license and excellent driving record
    •  Ability to lift 50 lbs, carry equipment up football stadium steps and stand for up to 3 hours at a time
    •  Flexibility to work irregular hours 
    •  Reliability and promptness required
    •  Ability to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines

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